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A guide to making musical instruments for kids at home

Babies, toddlers and big kids love to make music. Everyone is home at the moment and you might not have access to many instruments. Fear not, there are loads of household items you can quickly and easily make into instruments for children.

In our short video below, Brian from Music Cubs will show you how to make musical instruments out of household items.

1. Egg Shaker

These are used to keep the rhythm of a song during our Music Cubs classes. To make your own at home follow these steps:

  • Grab any plastic cup with a lid. Sippy cups are great for the younger bear cubs as they can hold the handles to shake the cup
  • Pour uncooked rice or pasta about a quarter way up the cup
  • Put the lid on securely (you don’t want rice all over your floor)

2. Musical Sticks

These are used to teach children to keep the beat to a song.

  • A great at home replacement for these are wooden spoons or spatulas
  • Your bear cub can bang these together for a great sound (that won’t send you running for the door)

3. Bongos

These drums are loads of fun for bear cubs to bang during their Music Cubs class.

  • For a home alternative, grab a plastic lunchbox
  • Fill with a handful of uncooked rice or pasta
  • Secure the lid tightly
  • Watch your little one happily bang away on their own drum

Here’s Brian to explain everything you need for an online Music Cubs class.

Music Cubs run online music classes for babies, toddlers and big children. Perfect for ages from 6 months to 6 years. For more information check out ON INSTAGRAM