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Need swimwear for your baby or toddler?

We've got everything you need to keep your baby or toddler happy in the water. Neoprene swim nappy for babies and toddlers to ensure there are no leaks into the water and cosy wetsuits for your baby or toddler to give them that extra warmth in the swimming pool, paddling pool or on the beach. All our products also provide UPF 50+ sun protection. Check out our range of products below and click to buy.

Swim Nappy-baby & toddler

The Happy Nappy by Splash About is an innovative reusable swim nappy.

Unique patented design for the best protection against faecal leaks. Technologically advanced for the best fit and comfort. Ergonomic panel design moves as your child moves. UPF 50+ for that extra sun protection.


Wetsuit - baby & toddler

Keep your bear cub cosy in the swimming pool, paddling pool or at the beach in this soft wetsuit.

Full body, fleece lined wet suit for babies and toddlers. UPF 50+ sun protection. Great for babies with sensitive skin. Keeps baby warm in chilly pools.


Baby Wrap - baby & toddler

Keep your bear cub cosy in the pool, on the beach and in your paddling pool. The BabyWrap™ wetsuit is the perfect choice for active babies and toddlers, providing core body warmth, but leaving arms and legs free to move without restriction.

UPF 50+ protection from the sun. Opens completely flat for easy dressing.


Neoprene Swim Shorts

Splash Jammers provide your child with all the assurance of a neoprene nappy in a more grown up and sporty design.
Splash Jammers are secured by a snug, yet comfortable rib at the waist and medical grade silicone at the thigh, making them the most reliable swim short to prevent accidents in the pool.

For ages 4 years to 7 years


Reusable Underlayer Nappy

One Size Underlayer Swim Nappy consists of a soft outer layer, a recycled PVC middle barrier layer and a soft inner mesh layer. This reusable, eco-friendly swim nappy is made doubly secure with an adjustable Velcro sash and poppers, allowing it to be sized up from 3 months to around 30 months in age. No disposable swim nappy necessary – just pop your neoprene swim nappy over it and your bear cub is ready to go swimming.

Suitable for Ages: 3 - 30 months