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Benefits of music for babies and children

Your bear cub is born with a natural love of music. Music is a language anyone can learn from the earliest age. There are loads of benefits of music for little ones.


Learning music improves all areas of your bear cub’s early development. Engaging in music with your bear cub will support the development of their fine motor skills, language & reading skills, social & emotional, and cognitive & physical health. Learning music will also aid your little one’s concentration skill development.


Musical movement activities, such as dancing and marching to the beat, help to fine tune your bear cub’s motor skills. This helps grow a love of physical activity in a fun way.


Music makes us feel good.  When we play music, our bodies release endorphins (the love hormone) into the brain, making us feel happy. Your baby is very alert to musical sounds.  Playing music and singing to your baby has the magical ability to both soothe, calm or energise them. Watch your baby respond to the melody and rhythm during music class.


The enjoyment of music making with your bear cub can enhance your bond, sharing special one on one time together with no other distractions. Music Cubs classes will give you the tools you need to promote happiness and connection through music as a family at home too.


Learning music supports the development of your bear cub’s imagination and creativity.  It allows them to practice self-expression. This will help to increase their confidence for performing, and throughout life. Your bear cub will learn to watch others playing music and experimenting with real instruments, and then get to give it a go themselves.  It is so rewarding as a parent to watch your bear cub’s enthusiasm and music skills grow each week. ON INSTAGRAM