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Online music classes for kids

Book a class online and we’ll send you the link to log in.

Give you and your bear cub the joy of learning music together online - the perfect option for staying at home. Our online Music Cubs classes are fun and interactive. They can be enjoyed from home using your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Suitable for all bear cubs from babies to big kids. You don’t need to have attended a Music Cubs class before.

You can buy instruments with your term from our online shop.

If you don't want to buy instruments for the class - we’ve got you covered with our tips and tricks for gathering some household items you can use to make music with. Check out our How-To video for household instruments below. We’ll let you know what instruments you need to find in your home to get ready for your next class.

Clear a space in your living room, set up your instruments and get comfortable. Our online music classes give you and your whole family the option of taking part in the class together. Bringing the fun into staying at home.

Online Class Info


  • Cost: €45 for 5 classes or €10 for 1 class
  • Class duration: 30 minutes

Watch the class live or watch the recorded class with our re-watch link sent to you each week. ON INSTAGRAM