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Our Ethos

Our baby-led ethos

Swim Cubs mission is to help you give your bear cub a lifetime love of the water.

Swim Cubs classes are all about teaching your bear cub water safety skills and swimming techniques while having loads of fun together in the pool. Classes are a gorgeous bonding time together.

Gentle, baby-led ethos

We know that every little bear cub is different. You'll join with us to focus on the unique needs of your little cub in the water.  Our approach is baby-led and gentle.

Our lessons are structured and progressive but we take great care in ensuring each activity and skill is adapted to suit your little cub's current physical, mental and emotional development.  Your baby and toddler will get the best foundation to start them on their swimming adventure with us at Swim Cubs.

Learning philosophy

Our core philosophy is to teach your bear cub water confidence through play.  This is the best learning environment for your little cub.  Our aim is to ensure your bear cub has so much fun in our lessons that they can't wait to come back every week and keep progressing.

With your help we will guide your baby and toddler through each lesson using developmentally appropriate songs, water play, games, colourful toys and gentle teaching techniques so your little cub is always happy in the water and learning important swimming and water safety skills.

Quality teachers

Your bear cub is in safe hands with our dedicated and knowledgeable teachers. Our teachers are passionate and care about giving your bear cub a love of the water.

Our teachers are fully qualified swimming teachers and lifeguards. Everyone working for Swim Cubs is fully Garda vetted.

Benefits of baby
& toddler swimming

Swimming with your baby is such a lovely activity to do together. There are loads of benefits.


Building water confidence early gives your child the gift of a lifelong enjoyment of the water with family and friends.  Your little cub will learn how to behave in and around water which can be a potentially lifesaving skill.


Swimming with your bear cub gives you a chance to give them your undivided attention.  We encourage lots cuddles and skin to skin contact to enhance your connection. The warm water is relaxing and a wonderful place to smile, laugh and be close with your baby and toddler.


Swimming strengthens your baby's heart and lungs, and helps to build muscles and joints, making your baby stronger. Introducing your baby to swimming at an early age can inspire a love of living a healthy active lifestyle. Your baby will also sleep much better, so that's a winner in our book.


Swimming improves balance and co-ordination.  Research has proven that babies who swim have much better balance out of the water.


Your bear cub's self-esteem will grow as they progress in the water and achieve different swimming skills.


Swim Cubs classes are a fun family activity promoting happiness.  Your little bear cub will learn how to interact with other babies and toddlers in the class and of course their lovely teacher. This helps build early social skills and independence. ON INSTAGRAM